Every student deserves access to curriculum and instruction that is consistent and effective. I often ask teachers on my campus to reflect on their implementation of effective instructional practices. Doing so requires a certain level of vulnerability and discomfort but is essential to ensuring that all students learn. Asking teachers to be vulnerable and take risks requires administrators to take an approach of learning to power with as opposed to power over (Johnson, Leibotwitz, & Perret, 2017).

As a result of this coaching approach, my school’s leadership has identified what we call the 3 Essentials for High-Quality Teaching to Ensure Learning. We have committed to focus on these essentials for high-quality teaching to accomplish our goal of evaluating the efficacy of our teaching practices throughout the year. During the year coaches frequently ask their players to focus on the process and details to ensure success.  We are asking our teachers to focus on these three essentials for high-quality teaching to ensure learning as part of our process. When effective teaching practices are implemented systematically, it allows space and flexibility for the art of teaching, students experience education in a way that inspires them to become lifelong learners.

3 Essentials for High-Quality Teaching to Ensure Learning

1. Quality Tier I Instruction Strategies

2. Data Driven Monitoring & Adjusting

3. Reflection on Instructional Delivery

How do you use the three essentials in your school?

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