Back to School: Sometimes We Are All Middle Schoolers

Another first day of school is in the books. We greeted students with a walk down the red carpet as Paparazzi took their photo behind the news Banner. The kids had an absolute blast. This didn’t stop us from having a few students who were overwhelmed by the whole experience. Our goal was to make every student feel welcome and special on their first day of school. Mission accomplished…mostly.
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Instructional Coaching for Improvement

Instructional Coaching Leads to Skill Transfer

The best way to change behavior in schools is to provide consistent coaching and accountability check-ins.  Teachers often attend professional development sessions during the year and over the summer only to fail to act on the learning derived from these sessions. By providing ongoing coaching and support, professional development can be the implemented at a level that allows teachers and leaders to transfer the learning to their practice. Read More

Make Learning Stick

Make Learning Stick

Everyone needs intervention at various points in their learning journey. Students are often expected to master learning the first time that they are exposed to the content. This thinking is completely flawed because forget that deep learning takes time to stick.  As a result, frequent opportunities to refresh previous learning helps to cement mastery of content. Read More

Why You Should Build A Twitter PLN

A Twitter Professional Learning Network (PLN) can do great things for your professional learning. A few years ago, I didn’t understand the impact that building a network of fellow educators online could have on my professional practice as a leader. I was primarily focused on face to face networking. What a difference two years can make. My Twitter PLN has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. Read More