About Brandon Johnson


I’m Brandon Johnson, and I currently serve leaders, educators, and students as an Assistant Superintendent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  I am also an ASCD Emerging Leader and former principal. I aim to leverage innovative leadership approaches and guide leaders, teachers, and students to find their passion by using design thinking and collaboration. My focus is to prepare students to compete in a global society by developing their life-ready skills.

I have had the honor of being recognized as an ASCD Emerging Leader, a Distinguished Administrator by the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), and a Top 25 STEAM educator to follow on Twitter. I enjoy sharing ideas and collaborating with colleagues to develop better schools for all students and I’m passionate about educating the Whole Child. Let’s reframe education by engaging students, creating positive learning experiences, and innovating the way we school.

Leadership Vision

It is easy to lead when you know what you believe. I work every day to walk my beliefs below as they serve as the bedrock of my leadership vision.

  • Challenge
  • Support
  • Coach

How do you walk your beliefs?

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