Engage Students Through Choice

Students have many choices in the district that I work.  They have the option to attend one of our traditional schools or one of our school/programs of choice.  This is an interesting phenomenon as I have the chance to speak with parents to get feedback on the process and options that they have as families.  11-13 year old students have the opportunity to choose where they go to school.  This leads to high school students who know the path that they want to pursue for graduation.  I am so excited to be part of the choices that we offer students.  When we as public educators compete for students, our families gain access to the highest quality educational experiences for their children. Read More

Keeping it Simple with Edtech

I was recently asked a question about the SAMR model: How does teacher awareness of the #SAMR model affect tech integration?  My first thought was that we overthink edtech sometimes.  I’m not particularly a fan of the SAMR model because I think that forces teachers into a box.  Some teachers are afraid to integrate edtech into their classrooms because they struggle to understand SMAR.  Here is a way to keep it simple when it comes to edtech. Read More