3 Ways to Create Student Buy-In

Student buy-in is one of the many focal points for school teachers and administrators every year. Students have many things competing for their attention; i.e. video games, sports teams, television, outside activities, and friendships are a few of things drawing attention from kids. These attention grabbers do a great job of providing kids with a sense...
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Engage Students Through Choice

Students have many choices in the district that I work.  They have the option to attend one of our traditional schools or one of our school/programs of choice.  This is an interesting phenomenon as I have the chance to speak with parents to get feedback on the process and options that they have as families....
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Keeping it Simple with Edtech

Someone recently asked me my thoughts on the SAMR model: How does teacher awareness of the #SAMR model affect tech integration?  My first thought was that we over think edtech sometimes.  I’m not particularly a fan of the SAMR model because I think that forces teachers into a box.  Some teachers are afraid to integrate edtech into their classrooms because...
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The Power of Relationships

At the beginning of the year, every educator builds relationships with their students over the first few days of school.  There is talk about “reaching them to teach them”. This excitement however fades to dive into teaching content standards as many teachers feel the time crunch of the total number of allotted instructional.  If we fast-forward...
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The Learner Experience: Design schools that make kids want to come every day

I have one focus and I ask myself one question.  The focus is to design engaging learning experiences for students.  The one question is: How do we design an environment that makes kids want to come to school every day? I believe there are three main components involved in meeting the focus and answering the...
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Create Flexible Seating Learning Environments That Students Love

We have taken a different approach to engage students on the campus that I lead. Our original idea was to bring a college feel to a middle school campus and show our students what the future of their educational experience would like. Flexible seating, collaboration areas, and student choice over the location and pace that learning...
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